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The Perfect Opportunity


This is where your journey begins, and I cannot help to think back when I signed up; very excited and keen to get started. However, it pays to take things slowly, because you don’t want to get things wrong and waste unnecessary time.

Please follow these Steps in sequence (important)…

 STEP #1

Registration – Open Your Free Gold Account

Watch this short, step-by-step video and read all of the Step 1 text below, before registering, please. The information will help you make the right decisions.

Now, read the rest of this text and then come back to launch the Karatbars Registration page (hit the button below) and watch the video again, so that you can follow the steps in tandem.

When you click the Register button, the Karatbars Registration page will open in another tab in your browser, which will enable you to flip between these instructions and the Karatbars Registration page.

Click the Register button below now.


NOTE1: Please use the Sponsor Username of the person that referred you to this website. If the Sponsor details above is not the same as that of the person that referred you to this website, just overwrite the default username (in the top field labelled Sponsor Details) with your Sponsor’s username and the system will let you know if that username exists. If you have any problems, contact your Sponsor, or if you don’t know who your Sponsor is, please Contact Us.

NOTE2: Here is what you need to ask your Sponsor immediately after you have registered (and BEFORE you purchase anything, please!);

  • A discount card (token) that will enable you to purchase all your Karatbars gold products at 3% discount for a full 12 months (this discount does not apply to Business Packages).
  • A discount card (token) of €100 if you intend to purchase the VIP Business Package (this discount does not apply to any of the other Business Packages).

A Simple Choice

The Registration Page contains two blocks that will highlight when you float your mouse over them; Left = Become and Affiliate, and Right = Become a Customer.

If you only want to purchase gold, you may click on the Right = Become a Customer box. However, you should note that there is zero benefit in becoming a Customer; ALL product pricing is exactly the same for Customers and Affiliates alike (unlike typical MLMs, where Affiliates purchase products at a discount in order to make a profit on sales; at Karatbars we DO NOT SELL anything, so the price remains the same for everyone). As a Customer, you can never benefit from any of the FREE compensation plans. Since there are no specific benefits of registering as a Customer, we recommend that everyone register as an Affiliate by default.

Registration page 1

The first field, ‘Sponsor Details’ is very important because you will not be able to register without a Sponsor Username (e.g. gerhardjvr, as depicted in the following image). Karatbars do not employ big-budget global marketing teams, like ordinary brick and mortar businesses does, which significantly loads the pricing structure of their goods and services. No, Karatbars remains as competitive with their pricing as they do because everyone that buys their product (if you registered as an Affiliate) has an equal opportunity to refer their products (NOT sell their products) to others, and in doing so, they get the compensation that the big-budget marketing and sales teams would have received.

Get in touch with your Sponsor to get their Sponsor Details (if it is not already populated in the first two fields yet). If you clicked on a link that was sent to you by someone, the first two fields will already be populated, otherwise, just type your Sponsor’s Username in the ‘Sponsor Details’ field and click in any other box; the system will check if the Username you entered is valid and will display an appropriate message just below the Sponsor details box, as depicted in the following image (highlighted in yellow). If the Sponsor is found, his or her Karatbars ID number will also be populated, however, if the Sponsor is not found, you will need to verify if the Username your Sponsor gave you is correct.

Once you have sorted out the Sponsor Details, you can continue to add your information to this page.

  • Username: This is your unique username and it will represent you to others. This is a name that you want people to associate you with; it can either be your first name combined with the initials of your surname, or it can be a term that describes you or the name of a ‘team’ that you would like to build (e.g. startpotential). Please note that all characters in this field will be saved in lowercase, irrespective of how you capture it, e.g. StarPotential will be saved as starpotential.
  • Password: Enter a password.
  • Confirm Password: Retype your password. An error message will be displayed if you made a mistake, so make sure you capture it correct.
  • E-mail Address: Enter you best email address here.
  • Confirm E-mail Address: Same as the password, retype your email address here. An error message will be displayed if you made a mistake.
  • Terms and Conditions: Tick the box to confirm that you have read and accepted the Karatbars terms and conditions. You can click on the wording to open the document in another tab.
  • Continue >>: Click the Continue button.

Registration Page 2 – Critical, Please take Note

PLEASE make sure that the address information you provide here are your PHYSICAL details, i.e. where you live, as you will be required to upload your ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) documentation later (refer to Step 3 below) in order to prove your physical address. This is necessary in order for the Karatbars approved shipping agents to be able to deliver your gold in your hands. I’m sure you wouldn’t want ‘someone else’ to receive your gold, would you?

Obviously, do NOT provide a postal address here… The shipping agent (FedEx) will require you to sign for your package, personally.


Your Business Package

This Step is OPTIONAL, and only for entrepreneurs that are serious about leveraging the powerful Karatbars Dual Team Plan. If you are only interested in buying gold, you may skip this step and go straight to Step #3.

The Business Package is also referred to as your business license, and it contains all the essentials for your to be able to run your personal Karatbars Affiliate business, if you so choose.

Please log in to your Karatbars account (if not already logged in) by clicking on the Purchase Package button and watch the video below. If you have any trouble whatsoever, please Contact Us with full details and I will gladly assist.

Purchase Package

NOTE 1: Don’t worry if you have not verified your documents (KYC = Know Your Customer) yet; you should be able to purchase your Business Package before you do your KYC. Purchasing a Busness Package is optional, of course; you are under no obligation whatsoever, but make sure you have seen the 12-Week Plan before you make your final decision.

NOTE 2: Karatbars may change this in future by stopping the purchase of your package before your KYC has been verified, and in that case, you may need to swap this STEP #2 around with STEP #3 below. Either way, your package will not be shipped if your KYC has not been verified yet. This is just to save time, and to enable you to benefit from the Duel Team compensation plan, while the KYC process is underway (which can take quite some time, especially if there are problems with your documentation that needs to be sorted out, etc.).


Upload your KYC Documents

Please make 100% sure that the physical address you submitted during the registration process is exactly the same as how it appears on your KYC documents. The same goes for your name and surname; must be exactly the same as your ID documentation that you are about to upload. If there is the slightest difference, Karatbars will not approve it and it will take weeks to get it sorted out.

Click the button below and log in to your Karatbars account.

Upload KYC

Remember to watch the video completely first, and only implement the KYC instructions when you watch it the second time around…


Starter Kit

This page contains links to the basic tools you will need in order to start your online business. Please note that this is also optional, and definitely not necessary if you elected to become a Karatbars Customer only.

These tools are only required for serious entrepreneurs interested in marketing their Karatbars business. These are people who share the vision to spread the word to as many people as possible and, in so doing, supporting the quest to eradicate poverty in the world.

Starter Kit

A word of Caution!

NOTE: Acquiring a business package is optional; you are under no obligation whatsoever. The following story depicts my personal experience.

I signed up with Karatbars in October 2015, but did not buy a business package immediately (I wanted to check the thing out first, you see; do that due diligence thing...). On December the 16th, 2015 (about 2 months later), I happened to check my Karatbars Dual Team status in my back office and was alarmed to notice that there were 112 sign-ups in my Left Leg that I didn't know from a bar of soap. I checked with my Up-line and he explained to me that these 112 people were all signed up by him and his Upline causing the spillover into my Left Leg. But more importantly, he informed me that they have collectively generated well over 1,000 units already and that these units did not accumulate in my account because I was still a 'free' Affiliate. The unit-system only comes into play for Affiliates that have joined the Dual Team marketing plan, by purchasing one of the 4 Business Licenses (packages). If I had purchased a Dual Team package immediately after I registered, these points would have accumulated in my account, which meant that I effectively left €400 on the table (if I only purchased the Bronze Package)! Talk about tossing money down the drain; it gives new meaning to the term "If you snooze, you lose"! I immediately purchased a Gold Package (as it contained gold cards that I could inspect and show to people). But, believe it or not, I went into slumber again! False 'realities' and decrepit mind-sets can be terrible robbers of wealth! Read how I accumulated units worth over €13,000 in 6 months without even knowing it - About Me.

Bottom line, knowing what I do now, I would have purchased the Gold or VIP Package immediately after I registered my free account, or at the very least the Bronze package, as it is only €125, which equates to less than two dinners for two... Believe me, when you see the units in your one leg grow through the efforts of people in your up line, you will get excited; its money waiting for you, and it will continue to accrue and never flush away. This is by far the best financial literacy program the world has ever seen!

You’re Almost Done…

Start your Karatbars Journey on the Right Path

Please peruse the rest of the content on this website; it contains a wealth of information and education that will equip you with the knowledge you need. It will also answer all the questions you may have about gold, Karatbars and a most confusing subject; the price of gold; refer to the page Is Karatbars Expensive. And if you ever wanted to know if this is a scam, enlighten yourself with the facts on Is Karatbars a Scam. Now, with that out of the way…

If this is your first online business experience in the new Digital Economy, I wish to welcome you to an exciting and prosperous journey. I entered the digital economy arena in late 2015 and spent my fair share on the glitz, glamour and sparkles out there, collectively know as as the ‘shiny stuff’, and it cost me an arm and a leg…The list of essential tools I compiled for you in this Starter Kit will save you this arduous journey and will get you up and running in a short period of time.

Training is one thing, but without the right tools to leverage that education, you will spin wheels just like I did (and the 90% of others that ended up throwing in the towel, and missing out on the most adventurous and fulfilling time of their lives…). The saying “Knowledge is Power” is not true; it should read “Applied Knowledge is Power”, and this is the principle behind the Starter Kit, and Earn while you Learn.

Why am I doing this? Well, apart from the fact that you will spend your hard earned cash much better than I did, I am also an Affiliate Marketer, and as such I earn commission on the products that I refer. So, it’s a win-win situation; I share what works for me, and in return I get the opportunity to redeem some of the school fees I paid, while you start earning passive income streams without having to get bogged down by the shiny stuff.

And last, but not least, if you are just starting out, or would like to start an online business, I have compiled the most comprehensive and detailed training course on how to Establish your Personal/Business Brand Point-of-Presence in the new Digital Economy, because it is soooooo much more than just a website. If all you take away from this section, take this tip from me;

Don’t ever believe the morons who punt the quick and free websites; its lies, untruths, and just plain BS. These so-called ‘free’ websites are never free, and you are never ‘master of your own destiny’. They do not include essential components such as security, longevity and business continuity & disaster recovery, and you will have zero chance of monetizing your little ‘website’. Don’t do it, please. If you want to start off in this on-line maze, do it right; build a strong, future-proof foundation that will enable you to create hundreds of businesses with one domain name, leveraging existing resources.

To Your Success!

Karatbars Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent Karatbars Marketing plan and its potential. All earnings or income examples will depend solely on the ideas, techniques, knowledge, skills, and time invested into your independent business. Karatbars does not guarantee any results or success level and is not responsible for any financial decisions you make in relation to promoting our products.  Any and all income examples used by Karatbars or its affiliates are not to be considered average earnings. It is mutually agreed that Karatbars, its affiliated entities, principals, employees, are in no way responsible for the success or failure of your business decisions relating to any information presented by our company, or our company products or services. You agree to hold harmless Karatbars, its affiliated entities, principals, employees, and any other Affiliates from and against any claim for damages, monetary or otherwise, for any reason involving or arising from this program.

We are proud Affiliates/Independent Contractors representing Karatbars International.We are not employed by, nor claim to be employees of Karatbars International.

Credits: We wish to thank the contributors of certain material and images leveraged throughout this website and to acknowledge authors like Mike Malone (Hidden Secrets of Money video series), Howard Olsen (Karatbars Gold Reception and other promotional/training videos), Brian McGinty (Karatbars promotional/training videos), Alby Koster (Step-by-Step 'How to' videos) and the many other authors and contributors that share the same passion:- To protect our retirement savings from the cancerous effects of inflation and economic melt-downs. Without your hard work and support so many people will not get this message.