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Web Hosting

The Definition of Domain, Hosting & Website

When you have a site visitor, they use your domain name to view your website. As simple as it seems, there is a process that occurs from the time that the site visitor types in your domain and presses enter.

When a site visitor enters your domain name into a browser, the domain is then translated into your server IP address,  then the server sends that user your site files, which their browser represents to them as a typical web-page.You can see that without each of these 3 elements, you won’t really have a website.

The three basic parts that make up any current day website are:

  • Domain Names
  • Web-Hosting Servers
  • Site Files

Domain Names

Computers communicate by using numbers, called IP addresses, to contact each other, much like you use a phone number to dial a specific person’s phone. Domain names on the internet are much like entries in a phone book. The phone book tells people looking for a business what the entries are just as a domain tells people (i.e. their computers) that a domain is hosted on the server.

Without a domain you would not be able to use a domain name such as ‘’, making your site appear unprofessional and impractical if your visitors are able to load it at all.

Web-Hosting Servers

The web-host or web-hosting server is much like the space that you rent to have your business hosted in. It’s merely the space itself. It does not include furnishings like shelves for your products, just as the web-hosting account doesn’t include a site for you to sell your products.

Luckily, in the web-hosting world, it’s very easy to furnish the space provided by your host, because most web-hosting service providers include free, or paid, web-building tools that will allow you to create your own website/s. WordPress is a very popular free web-builder.

Without the hosting services, you won’t have a place for your files to reside, so your domain would then become like a disconnected phone number in the phone directory, and your site files would have nowhere to stay.

Site Files

The site files are what your visitors and potential customers actually see when going to site such as your products and services. The site files are the same as any other file you normally use, like a ‘.jpg’ photograph, or ‘.mp3’ music file. Though, website files are also ‘.php’ files or ‘.html’ files, which are PHP scripts or HTML pages respectively.

The web-hosting server knows how to read these files, which explain how the webpage looks or instruct the server to do a series of computations. These computations are things like figuring out what blog article it’s supposed to send back to the viewer, or what forum post it’s supposed to send back.

The Tool/s We Use

If you elect to adopt these tool/s, we can provide you with first-line support at zero cost.


SiteGround is a web-hosting company founded in 2004 and servicing more than 500,000 domains world-wide. It provides shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers, employing over 320 people globally.




SiteGround Offerings and Features

Like any large hosting company, SiteGround offers a huge list of features. Boiling it all down, these are the top reasons why you’ll choose this company:

  • 4 Data centers in three continents (USA, Asia, and Europe)
  • Free domain for the first year
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Extremely configurable servers
  • Account isolation technology
  • Custom fixes/security patches
  • Up-to-date server software
  • 99% uptime
  • 24/7 live chat and phone support
  • SuperCacher and Memcached support
  • Google PageSpeed Apache module

These are just the big ones. There are plenty of other features as well that you would never expect from a hosting company, let alone with the shared hosting plans on offer, which include 4 different web hosting platforms to cater for each and every conceivable end-user profile;

  1. Shared Hosting – Great Hosting Plans
  2. Cloud Hosting – High Performance Solutions
  3. Dedicated Servers – Premium Managed Machines
  4. Reseller Hosting – Multiple Account Management

For the entrepreneur to establish an online business, the Shared Hosting Plans are a perfect fit, and starts off at a very affordable base that remains unequalled by any of the other service providers of note.

Shared Hosting Plans

There are three shared hosting plans:


This first plan starts at $9.95 per month (payable annually in advance) and supports one website, 10GB of space, and support for 10,000 visitors per month. You’ll also get all of the features you know and love from a company like this, including, but not limited to;

  • Free domain
  • Free setup and transfer
  • Free website builder
  • Free daily backup
  • Free CloudFlare CDN

However, the best part of this plan is that for your first year, it will only cost $3.95 per month – A total saving of 60%! Think about it… This comes to only $47.40, for 12 MONTHS! This is what some of the competitive elements out there charges PER MONTH for comparable offerings.


The next tier of hosting starts at $14.95 per month (payable annually in advance) and offers support for multiple websites. It also has support for more traffic on a monthly basis. With this plan you’ll get priority support and increased caching resources for ultimate speed. With a free SSL certificate for the first year, you’ll be good to go.

Again, your discount for the first year will be 45%, at only &7.95 per month!


The ultimate form of shared web hosting comes in the form of GoGeek, at $29.95 per month (payable annually in advance). This is for hardcore websites and online businesses.

This is a great solution for eCommerce websites as it allows for a large product lines and includes high level security through industry standard SSL cryptography and PCI compliance. All of the features you need and want are present and accounted for here as well.

And, as with the two shared hosting plans above, the GoGeek plan offers a discount of 50% for the first year, at only $14.95 per month. This level of service and product offerings at this price is unheard of in the Hosting universe, and one of the reasons for SiteGround’s astronomical success. Their philosophy of enabling growth from acorns to oak trees is a key differentiator.

And this Shared Hosting offering is just one of the 4 main focus area of this dynamic organization, which I am humbled and honored to recommend.

Don’t waste too much time on checking other service providers out there; you will quickly come to the same conclusions I have… Click the SiteGround banner now.


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