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The Perfect Opportunity

Bonus #7

The Hidden Secrets of Money video series, by Mike Maloney

Episode 7 – The USA’s Day Of Reckoning

In episode 7 of Hidden Secrets of Money, Mike Maloney glimpses into the near future to show you how fast the U.S. dollar and economy could collapse. You’ll learn about the velocity of currency, a concept economists try to complicate but is actually quite simple when you realize it has more to do with psychology than numbers. You’ll also see all the potential moves the Federal Reserve will attempt to prevent disaster and how they will all fail.

Mike also takes you back to the 1920s to show you the astonishing parallels to today and what life could be like in the years ahead. He is joined by Jim Rickards and Rick Rule who provide further insights into the bond markets, currency creation, and of course precious metals.

It’s only a matter of time before the USA’s day of reckoning.

What Happens When A Currency Dies

After you’ve watched episode 7 above, be sure to watch Mike’s bonus feature for even more details

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Hidden Secrets is all about being informed. The more you know about how the economy truly functions and, how it impacts your income and savings, will enable you to make important choices wisely.
Mike Maloney, host of Hidden Secrets of Money, is a noted speaker and #1 bestselling author on monetary history and gold & silver investing. His acclaimed video series Hidden Secrets of Money offers a unique perspective on the history of money and its important role in your life. With a mission to help every person build real wealth, Mike reveals what you can do today to be ready for your future.

There are 6 videos in this series and you will receive all 6 in order to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the economy we find ourselves in;

  1. Currency vs Money
  2. Seven Stages of Empire
  3. From Dollar Crisis to Golden Opportunity
  4. The Biggest Scam in The History of Mankind (In 7 Easy Steps)
  5. When Money is Corrupted
  6. Roller-coaster Crash: Top 4 reasons for Deflation before Hyperinflation


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